Shopping Center Cleaning in Flowood

Maintaining a retail store or shopping center in Flowood can be a real challenge, especially when there is the potential for thousands of people to come through your doors to use your facilities—all within a short period of time. Eliminate the stress of keeping clients and employees safe and healthy while enjoying a fresh, hazard-free environment.

At certain times of the year, stores can experience even higher volumes of traffic with everyone coming out to find the perfect item. Phillip Walker DBA Oclihp And Sons Building Services understands your dynamic and changing needs and works together with you to produce a shopping center cleaning plan that meets and exceeds your high standards. Keep your budget intact without sacrificing quality of service and exceptional customer care.

Versatile Shopping Center Cleaning

At any given time, spills, dirt, and germs can be accumulating on any part of your premises. Multiple restrooms, food court facilities, and parking areas must be maintained to a high standard to align with your company’s image. Let us help you streamline your shopping center cleaning experience and identify ways to reduce expenses. We’ll customize a building cleaning plans and schedule that meets your environmental management goals while leaving your budget intact.

The following is a small sample of some of our most popular offerings. If you require specific commercial cleaning services not listed here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to talk about how we can help.

  • Spotless window washing that leaves your windows and surrounding panes looking like new
  • Pressure washing of shopping center storefront to remove stains and revitalize exterior
  • 24-hour emergency janitorial services who are dispatched as soon as you call
  • Dedicated special event retail cleaning services
  • New business move-ins, relocation, and exit cleans
  • Customized floor care for carpet and hard surfaces of every type
  • Gum and graffiti removal
  • Touch point disinfection
  • Horizontal surface disinfections
  • Common surface sanitization
  • Light fixture dusting
  • Food court area cleaning and restocking
  • Waste collecting and removal
  • Escalator and elevator disinfection
  • Grease removal
  • Stain removing
  • Parking lot cleanups

Avoid Complicated Shopping Center Cleaning Contracts

Today’s retail environment benefits best from a flexible cleaning company who is committed to putting your needs first. Eliminate the stress and hassle of having to sign complex shopping center cleaning contracts that lock you into packages that include features that aren’t right for you. Being flexible allows us to serve you better. Create the maintenance program that gives you the level of clean you deserve.

Your First Choice in Local Mall Cleaners

What sets us apart from other mall cleaners in Flowood? We share your high standards and commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of your clients, employees, and stakeholders. Using hospital grade disinfection techniques, we quickly move through your building paying meticulous attention to detail and making sure we’ve sanitized every nook and cranny.

To request an appointment to meet with Flowood’s top shopping center cleaning advisors, give us a call today. Our written quotes are provided at no cost to you and will never contain any gimmicks or hidden fees.